Studio apartment design: 25+ ideas

Studio apartment design
Studio apartment design

Studio apartment design

Pros and cons of a small apartment

Own housing today is everyone’s dream. Acting on the principle of “small, but its own”, more and more often the dream is becoming a studio – a small apartment with one common room.

Studio apartment design

What are the advantages of small studio apartments?

Firstly, not everyone can afford to buy a large apartment right away, and a small apartment is an economical starting option for one person, a young family and for a family with a child while he is still small. As a rule, it is easier to get a mortgage or take out a loan for such housing, and paying for utilities, especially in winter, will not leave a hole in the family budget.

Of course, there are studio apartments with an area of ​​100 square meters, but their cost is very high. Most often, small apartments are purchased from 16 to 50 square meters.

Secondly, a studio apartment in our country is a relatively new segment of the construction market, which means that you can purchase housing in a new building with good communications, a freshly renovated entrance, a new elevator and other modern equipment.

Studio apartment design

Thirdly, the absence of partitions gives a huge field for the embodiment of all your ideas for arranging the premises. The absence of walls makes the apartment bright and cozy even with only one window.

Fourthly , the project of a small apartment involves only a clear placement of communications for the bathroom and kitchen area, the rest of the space can be decorated to your liking. Any style is suitable for arranging such an apartment, and the division of the room into zones is so arbitrary that you can easily move furniture and create a new design. In addition, a small apartment requires much less investment in repairs than a large room.

Your own small studio apartment is ideal for those who have to travel to work in another city. It is better to live in a cozy little apartment than to constantly rent a rented apartment.

And finally, selling such an apartment will not be difficult. In the real estate market, studio apartments are in great demand today.

Studio apartment design

They have small apartments and a number of significant disadvantages:

  • A studio apartment is a common room where all tenants are in sight. The lack of personal space generates irritation and quarrels, so the best option is to buy a small apartment for one person or a couple;
  • Such a small space will require additional ventilation, heating or air conditioning. A small space, if the house is warm, you need to constantly ventilate. When there are not enough batteries, you will have to take care of an additional underfloor heating system;
  • For a studio apartment, you need to provide a powerful hood, since the kitchen in such rooms is part of the room;
  • In addition, cleaning should be carried out in a small apartment much more often, since the clutter in the room immediately catches the eye.

If you nevertheless decide to buy a studio apartment, the tips for the design of such a room presented in this article will come in handy.

Tips for arrangement

Since the layout of a studio apartment only involves the withdrawal of communications from the developer, you will be engaged in arranging the main space yourself.

To determine the design and location of zones in a room, you can use the services of a professional or do the planning yourself.

In any case, the arrangement of a studio apartment directly depends on the size of the room and its type: square, rectangular, elongated shape.

A square room provides ample opportunities for planning, this shape is ideal for arrangement.

A smaller part of the room is allocated for the kitchen, the bedroom-living room occupies most of the room. In a square room, these two zones are located parallel to each other, separated by plaster, glass partitions, separated by a wardrobe or a sofa, a special podium structure. Division into zones can also be achieved by a simple selection of materials of different textures both in wall decoration (paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster, finishing using natural stone or wood) and flooring (laminate, ceramic tiles, linoleum).

Studio apartment design

Not everyone can be lucky with the proportional shape of the studio apartment – the rectangular shape, of course, will introduce some difficulties in the renovation, but they can be solved using various partitions and color schemes.

Studio apartment design

So, mirror structures, wall decoration with light wallpaper or plaster can add breadth to the space. Massive partitions should be avoided; they can be replaced with thread curtains, all kinds of screens that will give the space lightness and visually bring it as close as possible to the shape of a square.

Studio apartment design

The elongated shape of the room can be visually expanded with the help of contrasting wall decoration, which will fill the space with movement and new colors. Good lighting and correct horizontal pattern of window decoration will add the necessary volume to the room. A good option is to use bright wallpaper in the interior.

A studio with two windows on one wall will always be filled with natural light and, due to such lighting, it will visually appear larger. You should not force the windows with furniture, it is better to place a small table or chest of drawers in a niche under the windowsill. Wardrobe, kitchen set should be placed along the remaining walls, ordering furniture of the required size.

Studio apartment design

A small two-room studio apartment will be an excellent option for a young family with a child. Unlike a small one-room studio, such an apartment has enough space for arranging a bed for a child and adults. Also, with the help of partitions, you can arrange the work area.

In a studio apartment, the use of partitions will be the ideal solution. They can perform different functions – to zone a space, be part of a storage system, or simply be an element of decor.

Among the partitions for small apartments, one can distinguish deaf (transparent and combined), sliding, decorative designs.

Deaf partitions are made of wood, foam concrete, drywall, brick. They not only have a segmental function, but also have good sound insulation. Such structures are moisture resistant and durable, it is quite possible to attach a shelf to them, and they will withstand the weight of the TV.

The partitions-screens installed on special supports are distinguished by good strength, the advantage of this design is that the lighting remains central.

Rack partitions are very popular now. Such structures are incredibly durable and functional – you can make shelves from floor to ceiling, as well as several central shelves at your discretion.

Studio apartment design

Some partitions are whole complexes of a well-organized work surface on one side and storage systems on the other.

Partitions can be made of glass, plastic, can be openwork, patterned – in this version, they are more likely to serve as a decorative element.

Zoning structures can be sliding and rotary. Such partitions look like doors, opening like compartment doors or a book. This type of partitions is durable, but requires professional installation.

Studio apartment design

Wood, acrylic glass, bamboo, polycarbonate are also used as raw materials for the manufacture of partitions.

As the simplest and most budgetary option for zoning, you can use ordinary blackout curtains, fixed to the rods with lurex.

Also, different heights of the ceiling, arches, columns, podiums are applicable as a division of space.

Correctly selected and ideally located furniture plays an important role in the design of a studio apartment, how can this be done?

Studio apartment design

We arrange furniture correctly

Consider the following placement options recommended for small apartments:

  • Since the finished furniture is quite bulky, it is better to choose custom-made options. Give preference to a convertible sofa or small sofa, as the bed will take up too much space;
  • Arrange wardrobes, bookcases along the walls, leaving the middle free;
  • Give preference to built-in appliances when arranging a kitchen area. You can opt for a folding table and store additional guest chairs in the closet. A good solution would be an equipped bar counter, which will also become an option for zoning the kitchen and living room;
  • For storing small items and books, it is better to use wall shelves that match the style of the overall interior design. A TV, microwave oven and other household appliances using special brackets can be successfully placed on a solid partition or an ordinary wall;
  • In the corridor, instead of a bulky hallway, you can completely get by with a vintage tripod hanger and several wall hooks. Purchase a special shelf for seasonal shoes;
  • Best of all, one large and spacious wardrobe is suitable for storing things and clothes;
  • A window sill adjacent to the kitchen wall can serve as a continuation of the countertop, thereby increasing the working surface of the kitchen;
  • When zoning the space of a studio apartment with an area of ​​50 square meters or more, a large cabinet, placed perpendicular to the main walls, will serve as a good option for a partition. Such a design destroys all stereotypes and looks unusual;
  • Arrange furniture items in the order of functionality as close to each other as possible. For example, a cabinet for storing household items and dishes, and next to a sink and a stove;
  • Choose useful partitions with shelves for storing small items for zoning space;
  • Buy comfortable pieces of furniture and decorate the room as comfortably as possible.
Studio apartment design

Interior style. Best Design Ideas

What interior style to choose for renovating a new studio apartment? Let’s try to understand the variety of design options.

If desired, successfully combining modern style solutions and zoning principles, you can organize in a small apartment a bedroom, a living room, and a work area.

In the design of a studio apartment, it is recommended to adhere to minimalism and not clutter up the space with unnecessary furniture. It is better to use light pastel colors when decorating the walls – this shade makes the room brighter and visually larger, while not tiring the eyes. It will be pleasant to be in such a room.

Studio apartment design

The classic style is unlikely to suit a small space. How to make a beautiful and stylish interior? For studio rooms, an unusual design in the loft, modern, Scandinavian style is ideal. They successfully combine modernity, minimalism and urban gloss.

Studio apartment design

Loft style assumes scale, eclecticism, freedom and simplicity at the same time. More than ever, this style is suitable for decorating a new small apartment. And for this it is not at all necessary to invest huge funds in repairs. The loft is characterized by the incompleteness and the spirit of raw material: bare pipes and other communications, various metal elements, brickwork – everything that suits the style of the streets.

Studio apartment design

In terms of color, gray (graphite, light gray, asphalt color) and red-brown are considered the main ones for the loft style. In gray, the design of the bathroom will become quite beautiful. Today, almost all manufacturers of ceramic tiles have in their catalogs a gray version with a metallic or bronze sheen.

When renovating the main room, you can save a lot. For example, leaving the ceiling unformed, unhidden wiring, leaving the walls only plastered or pasted over with wallpaper with imitation of brickwork – all this is so typical for an unusual design in the loft style.

As a separation of the kitchen from the main room, you can use a bar counter – a very popular element for a loft. Such a piece of furniture will look unusual and give the studio an extra chic. It is better to use wood as interior partitions.

Studio apartment design

The Scandinavian style assumes all the same minimalism and naturalness of the materials used in the decoration of the premises. Laminate in walnut and alder colors is used as flooring. The walls can be decorated in beige, sand colors. In the Scandinavian style, it is imperative to use wooden furniture in the interior. The sleeping area will be quite successfully separated by a bookcase or glass partition. Pendant lamps in metal wicker shades, floor lamps with long legs are suitable as additional sources of illumination. It is better to decorate the windows with thick gray fabric curtains or roller blinds of unusual contrasting colors.

Studio apartment design

To decorate a studio apartment, you can also use the antique style. It assumes the center of the room free of furniture. It is better to decorate the floor with ceramic tiles, and the walls with plaster or decorative stone. Luxurious furniture, decorated with carvings and metal, will harmoniously fit into this style. Light natural fabrics are suitable as curtains. The design of the ceiling for the antique style involves bas-reliefs, but you can also use a regular stretch one.

Studio apartment design

The hi-tech style, which is still popular in the interior, does not yield its positions. Just like the loft, he loves space. Glass structures or their combinations with metal are ideal as zoning partitions. This style does not allow for negligence, it is characterized by perfectly flat surfaces of the walls and ceiling.

Studio apartment design

It is better to use paint to decorate the walls, put glossy laminate or large tiles on the floor. Metallic paint or slats are most often used as a high-tech ceiling design.

The main place in this style is given to lighting. For this, windows are most often not draped – blinds and thick curtains are used at night, frosted glass is used.

In the high-tech style, the color scheme is dominated by white and gray colors with a minimal splash of bright colors: orange, red, yellow.

Studio apartment design

As furniture, preference is given to simple and laconic models to match the walls.

Studio apartment design

The minimalism style is ideal as a design for a small apartment. This design is characterized by the play of light and shadow with the help of color. Among the main ones are: gray, milky, beige, light brown. For flooring, linoleum, tiles or wood of light shades are used. The furniture is used built-in with wooden elements. The upholstery of the sofa is monochromatic with the addition of a few bright accents.

For the design of the kitchen set in the style of minimalism, light colored plastic, frosted glass, chrome decor elements are used. The minimalism style does not tolerate unsightly little things; a system of shelving and mezzanines is used to store them.

Studio apartment design

The designers advise to make the bath in the favorite white color for minimalism with the indispensable use of modern good quality plumbing. You can dilute white with bright towels and rugs.

The main thing for the minimalism style in the apartment is the absence of clutter and chaos.

Studio apartment design

A good style solution for the design of a studio apartment is a combination of several styles, the use of a certain eclecticism, but this should be done carefully, without knocking down the overall harmony and not overloading the interior with unnecessary details.

Studio apartment design

Choosing a color scheme

According to most designers, for a small room it is better to use a light color and, as a rule, one in the interior. Bright accents in the form of furniture, curtains, and other decorative elements will help to diversify the boredom of wall decoration. Finding the right balance between the whiteness of the walls and the brightness of the details is not easy. Therefore, it is better to use two or three colors in the decoration of the walls.

A combination of two colors, for example, beige and olive, is more suitable for a classic style. Tricolor light shades have a lot of room for imagination and the most daring ideas.

Studio apartment design

One color should be the main color, the lightest, and very pure. It is present in the decoration of the walls and a little in the decoration of the furniture. Choose the other two colors more saturated and also pure, if it is green, then let it be just such a classic green, and not a flashy light green. Moreover, the second color can be a shade of the base one; it is quite possible for them to decorate an entire wall. Let the third color be the richest and darkest, it is he who, being present in small details, will give the apartment the right mood.

The shades should be placed from lighter on the periphery to the darkest in the center of the room. Bright details should be proportionally placed around the perimeter of the entire room.

When decorating a studio apartment, follow the rule: for a well-lit apartment, choose cool colors of “clothes” for the walls, for a dark one – a warm color palette.

In order to visually make the ceiling higher, it is good to use the technique of stretching the color from lighter at the top to darker at the bottom. Such a fashionable combination in the ombre style in the interior looks very interesting.

When choosing wallpaper for a studio apartment, give preference to options with a small pattern – this design will increase the area of ​​a small room.

Choose wall design options with minimal sheen, be it wallpaper or paint: this style does not tire the eyes and looks harmonious in a small room.

Studio apartment design

Photo wallpapers look stylish in a studio apartment. Before buying them, you should decide on the wall on which the drawing will be located, it will be the main one. Thanks to the wide range, you can choose landscape, surreal, portrait options for every taste and for any interior.

When creating interiors of small rooms, one should be wary of such bright combinations as blue-green, purple-yellow. They are beautiful on their own, but only suitable for large spaces. It is also better not to use the classic black and white combination for a studio apartment.

A studio apartment, properly designed according to your preferences, will be an excellent option for modern housing.

Studio apartment design

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