Stunning 167m² loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse
loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

In this publication, the story will focus on a married couple who made a big revolution in their own lives, moving from the suburbs of Denver to its center, or rather to its lower part.

We can safely say that the family has settled right in the heart of the cultural part of the city, among the most popular restaurants, galleries and shops. Only a few minutes’ walk separates them from some brilliant theater performance, an amazing exhibition, or a novelty at the local cinema.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

This loft project is unique by its asian style and renovation of old grocery store

  • Address: USA, Lower Center Denver;
  • Size: 167 square meters home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The home ownership that the young people acquired was previously a grocery store. Currently, the first floor belongs to the brewery, and the upper level is occupied by new owners.

The building’s industrial past is reminiscent of its large beams and ceilings, brick walls, metal gears and pulleys. On the one hand, these large structures form a unique, very brutal character of the building, but on the other hand, they complicate the process of decorating a living space for a comfortable life.

Designer Laurel Quint and her team helped the new owners maintain the industrial aesthetics of the former warehouse by bringing softness to the interior, smoothing out sharp corners and making the home comfortable. The industrial style has been successfully integrated into contemporary design with Asian influences, artwork and vintage furniture .

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

At the beginning of the design process for her Denver home, Queen took the love of Asian influences that the couple told her about. Business trips, business trips to Japan affected the worldview of the family and in their home they would like to see a modest, but at the same time, comfortable environment with original decor. For example, the original model of the chest of drawers, which has become a decoration of the hallway.

It was not easy for the designer to distribute the furniture in the space – the rooms cannot be called small, but their forms were far from ideal. Laurel said that scale is of great importance and a lot in their design depends on the proportions of rooms.

Quint tried to choose non-massive furniture models, but they had to have a sufficiently dramatic appearance to match the aesthetics that the designer and homeowners agreed on in advance.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

Opposite the entrance hall there is a room in which it was decided to arrange a home library with a comfortable reading area. The couple has an impressive collection of books, both love to read and the design of the library was of great importance to them. Two very comfortable armchairs with snow-white leather upholstery in the Art Deco style have become a decoration of the library.

For the manufacture of a spacious bookcase system, wood was used, which we will later see in the kitchen space. Cherries are perfect for creating a warm, homely, cozy atmosphere.

The center of the reading area in the cozy library is a pouf-stand upholstered with Ottoman-print textiles. Quint says that just one and a half meters of fabric of unusual colors can change the interior, create intrigue in it and draw attention to even the most ordinary object.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

Leaving the gears and pulleys that were a functional part of the industrial warehouse in the interior of the new dwelling, Quint added larger metal structures to the premises. For example, a large, powerful hood was installed in the kitchen space above the island. This functional appliance not only helps to get rid of cooking odors, but also acts as a part of the concept of decorating loft apartments in general and kitchen design in particular.

The designer did not forget the history of the building, while planning the interior – she added elements of the Art Deco style. In the kitchen, such pieces of furniture are bar stools with leather upholstery, French pendant lamps with light industrial motives in the design.

To give the space a more modern look, concrete self-leveling countertops were used for the kitchen island and the worktops of the set. But the unconditional focal center of this kitchen segment has become the facades of the furniture ensemble cabinets. The rich and bright color of the wood brings warmth and comfort to the kitchen space, creates a favorable atmosphere.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

The problem that the designers had to face is the lack of window openings in some rooms. Natural light emanates from the two windows and roof openings and mostly only covers the central spaces. But this constructive conundrum led to a very successful purchase.

Quint believed in investing modern art in a local gallery and persuaded the landlords to buy this wonderful landscape. The designer says that thanks to the appearance of this art object, a window appeared in the dining room.

The dining room interior has literally been transformed with this wall decor. The walnut round dining table can be used for family meals or small campaigns. If you plan to receive guests, a celebration or a large dinner party, then the table is transformed into an oval, increasing its area.

Five blue upholstered chairs are permanently installed in the dining room, but in fact there are eight of them and the number of visitors at the table can easily be increased. Nowadays, extra chairs have found shelter near the stairs, providing a comfortable resting place. And the attractive image of the dining area is completed by an original chandelier hanging low over the dining table.

With sufficient ceiling heights, designers and homeowners can use such luxurious lighting fixtures with multiple tiers of decor.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

Next to the dining room, the design team has created an unusual living room, the highlight of which is the original cupboard. The design of the three-section sideboard adds brightness and even drama to the interior. In the tender section, drinks are located, in the middle – something like a mini-bar with a mirrored wall and a door that opens like a secretaire. And in the upper part of the unusual piece of furniture is stored dishes – glasses, shot glasses and other accessories for mixing cocktails.

Two comfortable chairs and a small sofa with leather upholstery created a cozy seating area for relaxing and tasting drinks. The dimensions of the furniture were not chosen by chance, everything was supposed to create a light and relaxed atmosphere that does not burden the interior, but creates a spirit of pleasant relaxation.

An original addition to the created interior was a painting by a local artist on the wall on the left and a carpet imitating cow’s wool, which gives some direction to the design of the western part of the region.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

In order to change the original color of the windows, the couple who own the apartment needed to get approval from the homeowners association. In order not to bother ourselves with unnecessary worries, it was decided to leave the original color, only to refresh it. The result is an original combination of brickwork as the background of the walls and the emerald color of the window opening as an accent.

To add softness to the window decoration, Vinta decided to hang up a soft beige roman shade with a lotus flower pattern. Due to the fact that the couple decided to use the second bedroom of the apartment as an office and a workshop, it was decided to purchase a pull-out sofa to accommodate guests for the night. It is this piece of furniture with blue upholstery and brown embroidery on it that you see in the living room.

The designer believes that it is the upholstery of the sofa that serves as a connecting link for various pieces of furniture, textiles and room decor, contributing to the creation of a balanced atmosphere.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

An old chest of drawers from the middle of the last century was installed in the ladies’ restroom. With modern fittings, it looks incredibly appropriate and adorns the space of a utilitarian room with its presence. Quint likes to use textile wallpapers, considering them very elegant, smoothing out any sharp corners and massive objects. They acted as an excellent background for the original design of the mirror in a brilliant frame.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

For the antique dresser, an Asian-inspired countertop was used, specially ordered for this restroom. It’s amazing how tinted concrete with original prints can change the look and feel of a washroom interior .

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

The installation of a large bed with a metal frame and a canopy structure was a strategic decision of the designer. The fact is that the bedroom area is not so large, but the room has a high ceiling, large ceiling beams and a rather brutal brick wall – all this had to be balanced with a massive central piece of furniture.

Quint says that the area of ​​the metal frame for the canopy is quite small, but visually the whole structure looks large and it feels like the bedroom is really spacious. In addition, the dark metal brings an element of industrial aesthetics to the building of a former warehouse, now a residential apartment.

For such a metal structure, it was not easy to find a worthy accompaniment in the form of bedside tables, suitable in size, color and texture. But Laurel succeeded in this and the furniture of 1930 release, in the model of which both Asian motives and the art deco style, which is present in the design of all premises of the Denver apartment, are incredibly combined.

In order to soften the texture of the brickwork. Quint opted for a large Asian print for the window textiles – large-scale roman shades blend beautifully with the dark silhouette of the four-poster bed .

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

To decorate the corridor between the bedroom and the bathroom, Quint specially ordered this low wardrobe. The teak veneer from which the front of this piece of furniture is made mimics the look of the bathroom cabinets. Anything can be placed in such a storage system – from bedding and bath accessories to books.

The designer also took very seriously the choice of wallpaper for this part of the apartment – a light palette refreshes the room, and a complex texture adds uniqueness to the interior.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

We end our little tour of an apartment in Denver with a bathroom decoration , but in fact it all began with this utilitarian space. It was after the quint created the bathroom design using Asian motives that the couple entrusted her with the arrangement of all the apartments. There is enough space in the bathroom to accommodate not only a shower stall and a free-standing bathtub, but also a double sink with a spacious storage system.

Marble tiles on the floor and walls pale against the hand-painted background with Asian motifs. Of course, the blooming sakura has become a highlight of the interior, bringing not only the lightness of a floral print, but also pacification, balance in the interior of the utilitarian space.

loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse

The severity and laconicism of modern furniture and sanitary ware is softened by the flowing lines of the drawing. A massive horizontal storage system is balanced by a vertical panel of dark patterned tiles set against a light beige marble backdrop. As a result, the whole design looks balanced, modern, but at the same time peaceful.

Stunning 167m² loft project with Asian influences in an old grocery warehouse, from

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