Great decoration of a 13m² small wooden house, California, USA

Great decoration  small wooden house

Great decoration of a 13m² small wooden house

Great decoration  small wooden house

The talented specialist and decorator Vina Lustado has developed and designed an original house on her own plot that amazes visitors with its creativity and incredibly high functionality.

It has a small size and a modest area of ​​13 square meters, but at the same time it contains all the necessary spheres and zones for a quiet rest and a serene life within the walls of the building. In addition, the building has an original layout and a cozy atmosphere that allows family members to easily receive guests and friends.

The unusual house is surrounded by green vegetation and dense bushes, which attracts close attention and interest of people. In addition, the interior decoration, due to the numerous windows and doors, harmoniously combines with the natural environment, forming wonderful conditions for a pleasant pastime in the fresh air.

The following video is shown below, from which you can find out more interesting and fascinating information about the location of this miniature cottage and the exceptional interior decoration.

The structure was erected on a chassis, which allows it to be easily transported and transported anywhere in the country. For ease of use, the specialist has transformed the design of an interesting house project with a large and spacious porch, which perfectly complements the overall style of the room.

The terrace was made using textured solid wood, two steps lead to it, and the composition is decorated with an incomparable cloth canopy, which shelters the veranda from the dazzling heat of the sun. The porch was equipped with a laconic furniture set, which allows family members and guests to enjoy a meal and leisurely communication in the fresh air, surrounded by an amazing landscape.

The facade of the building was faced with textured wood, which gives its appearance an even greater aesthetic appeal and charm. The roof was covered with metal plates to protect it from leaks. At the same time, snow-white window frames and French doors with frosted glass perfectly harmonize against the background of textured wood.

Great decoration  small wooden house

The interior design of the building was kept in a simple and concise manner. The light tint palette in the wall cladding visually expands the space, and also fills it with incredible comfort and warmth. The surface of the floor and ceiling have been decorated with fine wood planks with an amazing texture, bringing a sense of rural charm to the atmosphere.

The furniture set for the project was selected as laconic and functional. So, for example, the sofa has minimalist outlines and uncomplicated form. It does not have a back and armrests, due to which it does not seem bulky and takes up little space in the apartment. The set was decorated with light upholstery, and additional charm is given by pillows with linen covers and interesting floral ornaments.

In the back of the room, next to a small window, there is a practical table and a gorgeous chair with a plastic seat and a metal frame. They are used by the hostess for homework and various creative assignments. Pull-out cabinets are designed for computer equipment, if necessary, they can be hidden under the table, freeing up square meters of space. This area is illuminated by a ceiling chandelier with a miniature lampshade and three spotlights.

Great decoration  small wooden house

On the opposite side there was a kitchen, a bathroom, and a cozy attic bedroom.

Great decoration  small wooden house

The Sol Haus Design Dream Home in California is an amazing creative project. It is distinguished by a magnificent location surrounded by greenery, high mobility, functional layout and original furnishings in a rustic style, as well as a stunning furniture set, which attracts close attention and interest of the public.

Great decoration of a 13m² small wooden house, California, USA, from

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